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14/09/29 Hong Kong on Lockdown, Photographs By Kyra Campbell

All photos via the Photographer’s Facebook Page available to the public to view and are copyright of the artist, Kyra Campbell. We thank the artist for allowing us to republish these photos which speak for themselves. 

However, I just want to say that I’m proud to live in a city which (for now), allows its citizens the civil liberties of freedom of speech that other cities of its stature enjoy, but whose citizens have the decorum to keep the issues what it is and who refrain from taking out their aggression by rioting, looting, and destroying property. In fact, they clean up after themselves, recycle and pick up trash, are respectful to each other, and share food and water with everyone in the crowd. I’ve seen nothing else like it in the world or in the news. There are no weapons here, no guns, knives, or anything of the sort. The citizens protect themselves with umbrellas, makeshift plastic bottle masks, and cling-wrap from the effects of tear gas (of which was used on them on the first eve of protest.) But generally, while Half of Hong Kong island has been on lockdown on the second day, Hong Kongers have stayed level-headed (for now), and the police have been kept at bay (they are tired as well.)

Everything else i’ve got to say about this, i’ve said and continue to say on my Twitter account.

We pray for the city. Stay Safe and Stay Strong Hong Kong!



Cliff jumping in Sai Kung
Cliff jumping in Sai Kung
Cliff jumping in Sai Kung
ilustrated asked:

Hi there, just wanted to say that your blog is aesthetically beautiful. And your illustrations and photography are both quite 'in tune' with the rest. I guess there is something about your style which is really appealing. So I'm looking forward to your new work. :)

Thank you so much! This really made my day :)

drawing with kellyykao
10 minute figure drawing
2 min sketch 
life drawing session
5 min. photoshop warmup
lmao my Nudist Beach Zine submission!!!I haven’t picked up my tablet for months now. And to start off with this was pretty fun. The submission window is still open for another week so… get drawing peoples!!!!I myself might go back and tweak some details if I have time but I’ll leave this here for now :DUrgh, gotta go eat now. Totally skipped dinner to finish this
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