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KARA Trunk Show & Party
I can’t charcoal. 
And also Skins!!
Drawing Kelly watching Sailor Moon
Study sketches referenced from The Gentlewoman
Anthony Gormley exhibition at White Cube

Final project for my DSGN 100 course. Prompt was to create a visual narrative while using elements of design we learned in class. I chose to do Shoreditch in London since it’s one of my favourite neighbourhoods in the city. I took a few artistic liberties with the roads to keep the design as minimal and as ‘graphic’ possible but I’m pretty satisfied with the finished product.

Final copy is actually printed in three layers. Lineart on regular white paper. The colour and the dotted are printed separately on plastic sheets and overlaid on top of the lineart layer. I’ll post a photo of the final piece once I get it back from school.

Design inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein


Another SCAD project.
Project 3: Graphic for publication
One of the projects I had to do my vectors & rasters course was to create a physical guide of Hong Kong street of our choice. The idea was to create a publication spread highlighting interesting things to do or see your particular street with the target audience being tourists, or people who are unfamiliar with the area. Therefore the final design had to be clear and concise.

Lane Crawford covered Art Basel events and happenings through a series of instagram snaps and our Spottly x Emilie Sarnel colouring wall from Chai Wan Mei Village made it online! :)

My instagram shot on Lane Crawford’s website :)

Entomology/Fashion Project Final Design

Objective: The challenge for this project is to create innovative designs based on the theme of entomology for use on a range of silk scarves. 


Some progress shots for a class assignment 

Theme: Entomology/Fashion Project

Objective: The challenge for this project is to create innovative designs based on the theme of entomology for use on a range of silk scarves. 

As cliched as it may be, the first insect I thought about using for my concept was butterflies. I’m not entirely knowledgeable when it comes to insects but I remember this one time I watched a short documentary on Nat Geo about the migration of Monarch butterflies and thought it was so fascinating and somewhat terrifying (hundreds of thousand butterflies? No thank you). Anyways, the image stuck with me, and I ended up experimenting and developing into my concept.

These are my work in progresses. I was quite happy with where it was going until I started colouring. The design seemed too 2D at one point and I lost interest halfway through. So I scrapped the image and came up with something else which eventually led to the [ Final Design ]