if you know me in person you would know i am a sucker for japanese food, which is why i jumped at the chance to try Habuya, located in tustin right off the 5 freeway. when moises told me about this place, i was immediately sold. i’m pretty sure this is the only okinawan restaurant in the area, and i’ve always heard great things about their cuisine.

the interior was small but even at 8pm, we were greeted by the owner and seated immediately. the menu didn’t have the largest selection, comprising mostly of appetizers and small dishes, but whatever entrees they had held up the menu well regardless. 

pictured above is their goya (bitter melon) kimchi, crab roe and cream cheese stuffed dumplings, fried chicken gizzards, homemade red and yellow pepper sake sauce (powerful stuff), sparerib soki soba, and pork belly ramen. 

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